24 July 2015


I've always fancied attending an event with some glamorous dress code. After all who doesn't enjoy seeing ladies in dresses and gentlemen in suits? I was already in London last year during the Royal Ascot week, and I seriously regretted for not going. This time I bought my ticket before I left the US! 

I got my hat from Etsy and had it shipped to my dorm at Regent's Uni. I love the idea of hats, I would honestly wear them all the time if it wasn't hot out. ( Also remember, hats/accessory on the right! )

Ascot was easy to get to, you could take the train to Ascot station from London, and there was a path leading you from the station to the actual racecourse. 

I kept messing with my hat while I was on the train, and I had a hard time figuring out how to place it on my head. 

When I was booking the ticket I decided I wanted to see the whole place, so I got the premier admission. You also get to have seats with premier! The seats weren't designated so if you don't care that much about the race, premier admissions are usually a lot cheaper on the last day of the race.

It was raining extremely hard that day and it wasn't easy to walk around. Water kept splashing up and attacked my legs, but I made it there with an umbrella and a leather jacket! There was a girl on the same train going to ascot. She was in a white dress with heels, no jackets, and no umbrellas. I wondered how'd that went for her.

I got my ticket from the box office upon arrival. They made you wear the premier admission tags so the staff could tell whether you were allowed to be in the premier enclosure.

The inside and outside were both beautifully decorated.

It was interesting to observed the Brits watching horse races. They cheered and shouted as if they were at a football game. They truly see horse races as a sport. And surely the betting played a big part for people to cheer or yell for the team they bet on.

Food was expensive inside (speaking as a uni student). But there were cheaper options like cakes, sandwiches, coffee, or tea. I peeked at some restaurant's menu and the prices were certainly not designed for students.

I wish the weather was nicer but it was London, so rain and ascot made a great traditional British experience. Ascot wasn't just a sport, it also provided family, friends, and corporations an opportunity to get together for meetings and such. There were boxes and fine dinnings too.

The racecourse was huge, it went beyond the visibility of this rainy day.

Many people were hiding in the building because of the heavy rain, but most would stepped outside to the viewing area when there was action aka races going on.

I couldn't resist to sneaked of photo of this gentleman in light blue suit with a pink tie. It was fresh to see some pastel in a sea of dark suits.