17 July 2015



Look at my beautiful photography skills! Doesn't this look too cool to be real? I had to weave my way in to get behind a middle age armour display for this photo.

We were up early on our second day in Paris. No one wants to deal with lines at the Louvre right? It opened at 9 and we were there by 9:30am! Luckily a friend on the trip had extra re-visit tickets so it was easy for us to get in. We walked and browsed through the entire Louvre in 4 hours, everyone's legs were sore at the end!

They have so many arts and different exhibition themes.

Including this classic sculpture that always appears in art textbooks. 

Mystery ancient Egyptian art.

Simple but delicate blue/gold interior design for a palace.

The realness of sculptures amazes me. Pillows in the Lourve look incredibly soft!

And of course selfie with this famous woman was a must. It's always crowded here and they make you look from afar. I wish they have special days with special tickets to observe her closer.

Image by Maria Vicini

 Image by Maria Vicini

Image by Allie Mae

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