21 July 2015



Our professors took us all to Chawton, where Jane Austen lived and wrote many of her books. (I love Pride and Prejudice!) But before we went to Austen's house, we stopped by and ate at the restaurant in The Swan hotel. I had prawn salad (very fresh) and some dessert that I couldn't remember the names of. It was a small town so there weren't many food options. This place would be a great choice if you're in Chawton.

Then we had a few hours to walk around the town. It was quite an interesting town. Kaitlyn and I found a creepy antique shop, and a dinosaur museum. Random right?

And finally it was time for Austen's House! It's was a country side type of cute little house. 

Photo by Allie Mae

The museum allowed people to touch the piano. They knew Austen played piano but it wasn't there anymore when they took charge of the house. They found this in Chawton and it was likely to belonged to Austen but they weren't sure.

We all played dressed up when we found theses costume. I chose to looked more like a Captain Pirate though!

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