30 July 2015


A class trip to Oxford doesn't sound so bad ehh? It was a fabulous idea. I didn't get a chance to visit Oxford last year, so to bus here with all my study abroad mates was a perfect opportunity for us to explore the city together.

Does this picture ring a bell? Oh yeah, it was in Harry Potter. Remember where they learned how to social dance with Prof. McGonnagal? Remember the infirmary? This was where it was filmed. The Bodleian Library in University of Oxford.

University and college have different meanings in the UK. University of Oxford constitutes 38 colleges and 6 halls. Imagine Hogwarts as the university and four houses as four colleges. Each college has its own activities and some colleges focus more on a specific subject. Quite neat isn't it?

If only we visited the Christ Church first. By the time we got there it was lunch time, and they were having a lunch break. So we didn't get to see the inside. 

We also visited the Alice in Wonderland shop. It was a small boutique but it had all the Alice things one could imagine. I was so tempted to buy everything!

I bought a pen and a coaster from the University of Oxford shop though. I even used my pen to write my paper when I didn't have my laptop with me.

Somehow I lost my Uni of Oxford pen when I got back to the US. Oh pen, where are you thou?