18 July 2015



At Eiffel Tower, here we witnessed a couple getting engaged, experienced the most bizarre weather. Shoes off, blanket ready, drinks and snacks in hands. We were about to enjoy our night as the tower shine. Suddenly someone mentioned about a itty bitty piece of ice. Perhaps it was from the cheese package? Next thing we know BOOM! Ice were falling from the sky! 

It was like a zombie apocalypse, I've never seen a group of people running away from an area like that. Lots of people hid under the tree, and hail turned into a storm. A BIG STORM, so we thought it was best to leave and head back to the hostel. The metro was filled with people and everyone was trying to get into the station. It was absolutely bizzare. That was our second night visiting Eiffel so the weather didn't ruin our night btw. It was actually quite an experience and a good story to tell haha.

We also visited Notre Dame. The shape of this cathedral is very different than the others. Very square-ish. Also DISNEY!!

 We walked along the river a little bit but tbh it smelled really bad. Seriously, who has been peeing by the river?

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