22 July 2015


We all went to the National Theatre to watch Everyman, lead by Chiwetel Ejiofor. He was in 12 Years a Slave and I didn't realized it was him until someone pointed that out to me after the play. What a nice surprise! SPOILER ALERT

Everyman is a play talking about how everyman only cares about fame, money, and not being a "goodman" anymore. So God aka the cleaning lady called upon Death, who btw was super funny, the actor practically brought life to death, to bring everyman a message: Everyman needs to prove to God he's a worthy man.

The entire play was presented in a 2015 manner. Clubbing, drugs, materialistic desired, money. So RELATABLE!  The music and language were very "now" instead of "old". This venue (Olivier theatre) was big and our seats were quite up high in the circle, that didn't make the experience any less amazing. The layout of this theatre was great, I didn't think it was possible to be blocked by anything. 

Cleaning lady aka God was mopping the floor before the play started. I thought she was a real cleaning lady but she was just "in her character". 

After the show we walked around Southbank.

Photo by Allie Mae

Now who's pointing at who huh?

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