15 July 2015


 Image via SavoyTheatre

Look at the poster. Recognize the pink lady from Harry Potter? One thing I love about London is how lots of tv/movie stars involve in plays and musicals. There're no cuts and edits so you get to see their amazing live acting and singing skills. 

As I was watching it, I was thinking how amazing their dictions were, and how I understood every word they said. Then I realised they were talking in an American accent! The storyline was set in midwest. Some parts of the play were extremely patriotic, and I must not lie (quoting HP), their portrayed of midwest Americans were quite accurate.

During the intermission I glanced at the program from the people sitting in front of me, and WHAT THE WHAT I saw Lara Pulver's picture. I suddenly realised she was in this musical the whole time. I loved her as Irene Adler in Sherlock!

I couldn't believe I got to see both Imelda Staunton and Lara Pulver with their mermaid voices. The american accent was spot on and I wished I have the dancing skills like the cast.

Also, this musical finally changed my mind about Staunton. She's no longer just that horrible professor from Harry Potter.

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