27 July 2015


London, a city with food from all over the world! 

Everytime I went to Oxford street, there was always a line for this belgium waffle. I thought I'd give it a try. I got the chocolate version. It was nothing special but a perfect crisp and soft waffle.

Macorons from Pierre Hermé, found them from the one and only Harrods 😊. If you have no idea what a Harrods is, it's a department store, a fancy one, with fancy things all over the place. I couldn't resist the London Landmarks packaging, I mean look at it. Really, look at it. The macarons were of course, deleeecious. Sometimes macarons could be too sweet but these were perfect. And that was my dinner for that day.

STARBUCKS. The perfect american solution for a quick drink, bathroom break, unlimited all you can use WIFI, if you can find it then use it power outlet. They also give you a complimentary new name everytime you visit.

When we went to watch Measure for Measure as a class at Globe Theatre, I had a burger and this beautiful pie/cake thing. The burger was okay, but this pie though, yum.

One day after the Keats House class trip, one of my professor and I went to this very cute and pink pastry shop Maison Blanc to talk about the project I was working on. The food was okay, but the decorations were on point cute. 

And Some extra photos because London Life was too real.