09 July 2015



Welcome Welcome, to the 2nd Annual (AH-HUM) NOT Hunger Games. It's Regent's University! I'm back in London for another study abroad program this summer, with English department instead.

We went to watch the The Sea-gull at Regent's Park Open Air Theatre in the evening on our first official class day . I've thought about going there myself so it was perfect that we went as a class. We had dinner in there and it was a great way for the students to meet and bond with each other. 

The next day we had a small field trip, starting from the infamous St. Paul's Cathedral, through Millennium Bridge (Harry Potter, anyone?) to Tate Modern (not gonna lie, modern art is difficult to connect with, they all kinda look like IKEA furnitures). 

South Bank always have interesting things going on, it's one of my favorite places to skip the tube and walk and walk and walk. There're endless food options, street performances, book sales. You can always find something new and fun. Most of the major tourist sites can be seen just by walking down South Bank and along River Thames: St. Paul's, Millennium Bridge, Tower bridge, Tower of London, London Bridge, London Eye, Parliament, and stray away a tiny bit you can reach Westminster Abbey, Jewel Tower, Trafalgar Square, and the Buckingham Palace. Maybe not in one day, but they're all kind of by each other, so if you plan it right, it is possible to walk to all these touristy places.

We also visited Southwark Cathedral, nothing really special there but here's a tip: If you're in a big group, break into small groups and visit the cathedral in intervals. Small groups and individual visitors can visit for free, but if you're in a big group, they make you pay.

Photo by Maria Vicini