16 July 2015



My mom took me to Europe when I was little and France was one of them. I don't remember much, yet I remember so much! 

This time I went with my study abroad mates and we took the high speed train Eurostar. I was a bit shock for the train departure port to be as strict as airport security, but there was no limit for liquids! :D 

Being under the sea crossing countries made me want to blast out Little Mermaid songs. Eurostar was such an incredibly convinient way to travel! The whole airport waiting forever chaos situation was solved.

My eurostar companian was a nice french napping lady.

Upon our arrival in Paris, we needed to figured out how to get to our sleeping pods for the next few days, Plug Inn Hostel.

Travel Tips: Don't take the cab "deals" offer by those standing in the station, right in front of the exit to taxi ramps. Instead walk to the taxi ramp and take a normal taxi. CityMapper and Google Maps are your besties. They have excellent info including estimated fares depending on your choice of transportation.

The hostel we stayed at was merely a seven minutes drive from Gare du Nord (Eurostar Paris station), and the taxi fare was around €15-20 depending on traffic/luggages. Those "deals" were quoting us for €70-100. Make sure you do some homework so you know how far away your destination is, and what the average cab fares should be.

Photo by Maria Vicini
We were all very happy that we made it to our hostel.

We found this giant red fan. Just kidding, it's Moulin Rouge! I've been in there once and it was quite a show. We all wanted to go in there but we represent broke college kids this time, so we ticked the box by taking pictures right in front of it.

We walked around the area some more and found a cemetery, a church, and some beautiful rose shape gelato at Amorino. They have lots of stores all over the world. If there's one near by you, go try it out. They're delicious!

Last note, is it just me or does the guy behind my gelato looks like Robert Downey Jr.?