11 July 2015



There's no such thing as an overflow schedule when you're traveling (as long as you have the energy). This weekend I went to climb the dome at St Paul's Cathedral. There were three galleries: Whispering, Stone, and Gold. The first set of stairs leading up to Whispering Gallery wasn't bad, it was spacious. 

Whispering gallery was still inside of St Paul's so you could see the painting on the ceiling up close with a different view. If you look down you could spot some storage space though haha. I saw some random speaker sets, tables, bits and bobs. Too bad no photos were allowed within the cathedral, so you would have to go and witness it yourself.

The second set of stairs leading up to Stone Gallery were iti bittys. It was almost impossible to fit two people unless you were "size kids". I also got a bit tired climbing up this set of stairs, it was like climbing up to Cinderella's attic room. The view was certainly worth the climb though!

The third set of stairs, well I never got to climb it because they were short of staff so the Gold gallery was close. What a bummer! It was one of those unpredictable things. Maybe I'll have better luck next time! FYI all the tickets are valid for another visit until next year at St Paul's.

I went to watch The Play That Goes Wrong at Duchess Theatre that same evening , and then Silent Disco at The Shard at night. Talk about my warrior legs that carried me through a day of climbing stairs, walking, and dancing!

It was honestly so much fun. I wanted to go to The Shard and see the view so it was perfect. With a little bit extra $, you get to see the night view and dance your night off.

There were three DJs: red, green, and blue. They all played different styles of songs. Blue was main stream, red was old school, and green was closest to what I would describe as Tanner (my DJ friend) aka EDM. I stayed green most of the night (Go Green!), and I would occasionally go blue when he played my jams. 

The view at The Shard was unbeatable especially at night.

Now here comes my favorite part. DUN DUN DUN.

After the party I was hungry AF (best unit created on earth). I even tried to find a McDonald's but none were near by, so I took a cab and ate a whole box of cereal (not really) as soon as I got back to my room!