11 July 2015


Image via TicketMaster

You probably already knew what The Audience meant if you're from the UK. It's a meeting between the Queen or King of England and the Prime Minister at the Buckingham Palace. The conversation in the play is all fictional of course, and truth is no one really knows what they chit chat about.

Image via WestEndTheatre

The Queen was originally played by Helen Mirren. She was in The Woman in Gold and The Queen. The one that I saw (2015 West End) was played by Kristin Scott Thomas, also a very well known actress.

In case you're curious, ER stood for Elizabeth Regina. I had to google it! My seat was either in the circle or upper circle, the coast was clear and I could see everything. Although a tall guy was in front of me so I had to lean towards to aisle, but I'm really short aka 5 feet. 

Now onto the play itself. SPOILER AlERT.

Every single PM (12!) throughout the Queen's reign made an appearance in the play. It was a bit confusing at first because the timing went back and forth, but I caught up soon after noticing how the queen was dressed. 

The stage was the inside of Buckingham palace, with a big to small effect, as if the palace was infinitely big. Imagine a mirror inside a mirror effect. 

What I didn't quite get was the (maybe) young Elizabeth part. The queen had conversations with this young girl occasionally, as if she was giving advices to teen Elizabeth. It was weird and I didn't get the purpose of teen Elizabeth being there. 

Because there were conversations with 12 different PMs, you could see how the Queen grew into maturity with her job as she aged, as she had more experiences on how to run a country. Each PM has a different personality and it was funny to see how they behaved with the Queen. 

I thought it was funny that they used "I'm sexy as I know it" as a ring tone for the Queen when her grand kids called her.

It wasn't a murder solving, attention grabbing kind of play, there wasn't really a dramatic moment. But it makes you think and realize the royals are just like normal people, and they have difficulties in their lives as well, but still, who wouldn't want to be a royalty with all the glitz and glams?