12 July 2015


The Play That Goes Wrong when everything was SO RIGHT! As I entered the Duchess Theatre, I was surprised by how small the auditorium was. It could've been easily the smallest auditorium I've ever been in, possibly smaller than my high school auditorium. And I went to a high school built in 1908, not one of those built in the 2000s. 

I was sceptical about how funny or comedic this play would be, British humour is not the easiest to understand if you're not Brits.

Image via ShowAndStay

It was a play within a play, inception style. Basically a production within the play was trying to put on a murder solving play, and everything went wrong. 

Starting from the moment before the play within the play started, the crew was having trouble to keep the fireplace mantle in place. The doors were not working. Then the show started and everything was falling from the wall. There was a fire accident, and the built-in second floor on the stage FELL,  the elevator also fell to the ground floor on the stage. I've never seen so many things went wrong in a play. Of course, it was all planned. 

From an acting perspective, I thought it wouldn't have been that difficult. You just have to do the opposite and do all the things you shouldn't be doing as an actor. But I was wrong. With the stage falling and all that craziness happening, you would have to be on top of your game as an actor. Timing was everything, if you didn't get to the right place in the right time, you would definitely be injured. I would killed to see the rehearsal.

The comedic effect was excellent and definitely hilarious.

After the show I realized the entire experience might have started before I stepped into the auditorium. After I picked up my ticket from the box office, I walked to the circle entrance and they told me to go back and get an upgrade. I went to the box office again and they gave me a stall ticket. It was a matinee, so I didn't know if I was lucky or if that was part of "The Play That Goes Wrong". I guess I will never find out.