08 August 2015



I've always fancied doing a crazy trip. So I took this oppourtunity and followed Nike's footstep. Just do it!

The best thing about europe is...they're all close to each other! You can take night trains and ferries, or if you want to get there faster you can take planes, or eurostar which is what I did for my Paris Trip.

Thinking back to the day I was trying to catch this ferry, it was a once in a life time beautiful nightmare. London had two tube strikes this summer. If you knew anything about london traffic, you knew how bad the traffic on the roads were. The streets were so congested even walking seemed impossible. And of course a tube strike happened on the day I was trying to catch my night ferry. I thought I wasn't going to make it.

I'd never been on a cruise but I imagined this was what it would be like. I had a room for myself facing inside (rooms facing outside were sold out!) and it had a very comfy bunked bed, also a bathroom with shower. I loved it so much I told myself to put cruise trips on my bucket list. 

After arriving the Hook of Holland port in Rotterdam, I followed the crowd to catch my train to Amsterdam. 

This EYE Film Museum shaped like some sort of space ships. It was a cinema and a film museum and you could watch films in here. If you want to watch new movies you can buy tickets right at the entrance. There were also lots of cool things downstairs including old filming gadgets, black and whilte films interactive exhibitions. They even had little pods where you could watch olders films for free! And there was a very nice cafe with an incredible view. 

I was weirdly excited when I ran into this real life barbie-like family in Amsterdam Centraal. 

I've been in Amsterdam once with my family so I didn't do a lot of touristy activities. This trip was for myself to explore and relax. I wanted to observe people and admire magnificent european buildings.

It was great to be back and visit, and I wonder what life would be like if I lived here. Everyone was so happy and content. The canal running throughout the entire city was beautiful, but could be a pain. Sometimes I wished I could walk on water, instead of going out of the way to cross the bridge.

Herring sandwich was delicious. Seriously if you like fish you have to try it. You could get these fresh nummies from foodtrucks on the street.

I took a little break in Amsterdam Museum's Garden, some people were reading books, some were chatting, some sat there and looked at the sky. If I had to crown the most relaxing city, it would be Amsterdam.

Who remembered watching or reading Miffy when they were little? (Me! Me! Me!)

There were tons of parks and green spaces. People were laying on grass, playing soccer.

THE FAULT IN OUR STARS bench. I looked up the address for this particular bench. Another girl was taking pictures with this bench, then a lady decided to move to this bench from the bench next to this bench to read her book. I awkwardly asked her to stand up for a while so I could take some pictures. She thought I wanted to take a picture of her. Ahh language! She was probably confused about all these weirdos taking pictures of this bench.

This wasn't the original bench though. I was doing my research and apparently either 1) someone stole it, or 2) the city removed it. But this bench became such an iconic touristy search, they city put a bench here afther the original one disappeared. And The original bench was no where to be found.

If there was one thing I could change about my time in Amsterdam, it would be buying a metro pass. I decided to walk everywhere. It wasn't a bad idea, but my legs were sore after a day of walking! And I would've ask that nice lady to take a full body photo of me on this bench. Maybe next time.