11 August 2015



My final stop, Prague. Another storybook town like Zurich but a lot busier. I arrived extremely early at 5am and it was still dark out. I thought it wouldn't be smart to wander around by myself so I stayed in the station until the sun was up when the crowds started to kick in. 

I took the metro to Wenceslas Square and started my journey from the upper part. Behind the monument was the National Museum.

As the sunrise I captured this half light and half shadow photo.

Prague was an interesting city, it was a mix of Zurich (fairytale), and London (busy crowd and walkable/metro-able transportation city), sprinkled with a hint of eastern European spice. I've also heard they have the best beer ever, though I didn't try so I couldn't tell you if it was true.

People gathered around this astronomical clock and watched it strike every hour. I imagined it to be bigger like the one in Munich but it was petite in comparison. I bought an ice cream from a shop right across from the clock, and enjoyed my dessert as the clock performed. The clock was located in the Old Town Square.

There was also a street with all the high end brands near by, or maybe not near by? I wasn't sure because I was pretty lost haha.

Charles Bridge was the typical medieval time architecture. There were lots and lots of statues, I would be too scared to walk through this bridge at night if I were by myself, heck I probably wouldn't even do it if I was in a crowd or with my friends.

The Prague Castle was a must visit. It was very different from the palace in Vienna, and this was why I love visiting castles and palaces. 

When these guards showed up, everyone followed them like a swarm of bees. They walked into a tunnel that was gated and a lot of us were disappointed because we were expecting something like changing of the guards. Maybe they were prepping for it? I didn't stay and find out.  I had to go work on my final paper for my study abroad class so I headed towards the airport.

After a night of ferry and three nights of train, it was finally time to fly back to London.

Look at that beautiful sunset. These four days had been unreal. I loved every bit of it even though I was physically exhausted. 

I love traveling, and perhaps a little bit too much. If I could think of a place I wanted to go, I'd like to just pick up my bags and leave.