10 August 2015



There's something magical about palaces. Stepping into the rooms of history, sometimes glamorous, sometimes creepy. 

This is the Schönbrunn Palace. You could decide what's important to you and only buy the tickets specifically for the places you want to visit. I decided I've seen enough rooms from other palaces and it was such a beautiful day I wanted to explore the gardens. Although who knew this garden was gigantic, it was more of a maze!

 Having a little fun with the fountain pretending I was thirsty here.

Gloriette, located on a high ground reminded me of Pride and Prejudice. After climbing a steep hill for about 200 ft., my breathe was taken away by the view.  The actual path leading to Gloriette was swirly, zig zag like so it takes awhile to get there. It has a cafe/restaurant inside and an observation deck on the roof top to see the entire garden and city. 

I ordered knödel, once I was introduced to this dumpling thing in Munich at my friend's house, and now I miss the taste of it all the time.

The view from the observation deck was fantastic. This was just the front view from the deck, behind me was a field of forest.

I headed back to the city after getting some lunch at the cafe. There were so much to see in vienna but I was exhausted, so I took the lazy route. I hopped on the metro red, blue, and green line. They took me straight to all the major touristy sites, well sort of anyway!

I walked a bit too of course. Notice the roof of this church! Isn't it interesting? I've never seen a church's roof like this.

And that is a freaking city hall! 

At the end of the day before catching my train to my next city, I went to a gym and took a long shower, without actually working out of course. It was a very high end gym actually. Sometimes you just have to be creative when you aren't spending nights in hotels. I thought gym was quite a smart idea.

One thing I wished I've done was to stay a night in vienna so I can go to a concert in the capital of music, maybe I'll be lucky enough to come back for it?