09 August 2015



My train arrived in Zurich at 8:15 in the morning, most of the stores were still close but a few cafes were open. It made me feel some type of way roaming in a beautiful urban city when not a lot of people were out on the streets. After some googling and yelping, I decided to take a bus to a cafe called Conditorei Schober in Old Town. I was very surprised that the front porch was packed and many people were here to get breakfast. I mean the entire Zurich was practically still asleep at this hour!

If there was a word to describe this place, it would be CHRISTMAS. Everything in this cafe reminded me of the happiness in December. The interior decorations, the food and desserts were like The Nutcracker. 

Then I decided to wander around this area since lots of little boutiques located in old town. As I explored the ups and downs of little alleys I found this.

At the time I had no idea where I was or the significance of this building. All I knew was there were other tourists hanging around this unknown two tower might be a church like building. I decided I must be in some sort of right touristy place lol. Later on I found out this was the Grossmünster. One of the major churches in the city. I was pleasantly surprised that I was so lucky that I literally stumbled upon a major touristy site!

The view looking towards the river from Grossmünster was like staring into a storybook, and suddenly it all made sense. The architecture styles and the look of it made me believe I was walking in a town of a fairytale story.

With my metro pass I found out you could get on those metro ferries for an one hour ride! I thought the pass only covered for one stop, but the lovely ferry police was super nice and told me I could stay. Thanks to him, I got to experience the entire lake :)

Fun fact 1: I sat in the Apple Store in front of the station for hours so I could charge my laptop, phone, and portable chargers as I was reading an assigned book for my class. Traveling was awesome, but girl has got to prepare so she could write her final essays too! I bet the Apple staffs realized I was in critical conditions since I was charging so many electronics at once. They left me alone, thank you Apple!

Fun fact 2: I took a shower in the train station before my departure. Zürich Hauptbahnhof had to be one of my favorite station because of this one reason. Night trains in couchettes meant no shower, so I was thrilled to find shower facilities! Could you image not showering for four days?