15 August 2015


I remembered watching Casino Royale the first time and immediately fell in love with Daniel Craig as Bond. I've always wanted to become a Bond, not a Bond girl, but a Bond. 007 wasn't just a number but an identity since 1953. There's a Bond for everyone in every era. 

I saw an ad about this special exhibition while I was on the tube and thought, hell yeah the exhibition was extended due to popular demands, and I was here in London already so of course I had to go!

You get to see all sorts of cool vintage and modern vehicles that were used in the movies. Not only automobiles, but motorcycles, helicopters, boats, and all the important props: passports, guns, wallets.

This was the suit Daniel Craig wore in Casino Royale, all bloody and messy. Obviously I shouldn't be expecting someone with a license to kill to have a clean suit 24/7.  

It was difficult to see a special exclusive edition Aston Martin like this, but these scratches made amazing movies, without them the movies wouldn't be as awesome.

There were also some Skyfall drawings and clapperboards. 

I would never say never to dress up as Bond!

The museum will be featuring the cars in Spectre starting from 18th November 2015! I wish I was in London so I could visit again.  I promise you as a Bond fan, you will not disappoint!

I just watched Spectre and I loved it, they've got some cheesy but witty funny lines in this movie. Actions, stunts, and the explosives were bigger and better than before. I'm also in love with the new Bond girl Léa Seydoux, she captured the complexity and the intelligence of her character aka Madeleine Swann perfectly. Have you seen Spectre? If you did, did you like it?