16 August 2015


The best thing about wandering around is finding new food and sweets! 

Burger & Lobster was a suggestion of a friend, she lived in London since she was 15 so I thought it must be good. I had high hopes and perhaps too high. It was good but I wasn't impressed. The food on the menu were exactly what they sounded like: burger, lobster in bun, and lobster. The price was good for London standards, so if you craved lobster, it'd be a good deal and good place to visit!

I visited Borough Market a couple times and somehow I always got there when they were closed. Make sure to check out their open hours before you go! The food were amazing, and it'd be a good idea to try going there more than once, since the venders weren't always the same. You'd find new and different venders / varieties of food: Scottish (Scottish eggs), German (frankfurter w├╝rstchen), Turkish (desserts), Thai, Chinese, green juice, ice tea, bake goods, etc. I got this goat milk ice cream from the market and it was the best frozen sweets I've ever tasted, better than ice cream, gelato, or frozen yogurt! I couldn't believe how good it was.

The gelato above with Elsa powers was from Morelli's Gelato in Covent Garden. Covent Garden was another great place for wandering around. A great hang out place for shopping and food. It's usually filled with crowds and street artists during weekends.

Only in London you'd find a wedding day special double decker bus!

And I had to sneak a photo because... what were the chances you'd find someone wearing almost identical outfits as you were on the tube?