12 August 2015


I don't remember how I came across Marcus Butler's videos in the first place. I discovered him on the internet somehow and became a fan. He was the first entertainment/vlog style youtuber that I followed. 

When I found out he was having book signing events, I decided it'd be a shame if I didn't go. I happened to be in the right place at the right time. MarcusButler x StudyAbroad was something I'd never imagined. I was lucky, really really lucky.

I actually had some hair disaster the night before, I was convinced to have it coloured dark purple all over and I hated how it turned out. So I washed and washed and washed my hair until it became this unicorn pastel purple to turquoise mermaid hair!

This was the line in London. There were tons of teenagers but who cares if I was a 22 year old?

It was really cool to meet him, although he was probably tired of meeting people in a repetitive way. We were handed with bracelets in the line outside of the bookstore after they made sure we had the printed ticket, then they handed the presigned book to us inside the book store.

The line was fairly long but it was moving fast. He asked us how we were doing, took some pictures, and then moved onto the next person. (He told me "cool hair" haha). I told him I appreciated his work, it was a bit awkward but I wanted him to know that.

Watching his videos to have a good laugh after a busy day is relaxing. I just wanted him to know he is being recognized for his work. Editing video isn't a joke and filming is certainly not as easy as it looks.

My pictures turned out kinda weird, at least I thought it could've turned out better.  I probably should've look at the screen to make sure the angle was right on my face but too late haha.

It was interesting to meet him, it felt strang. It was like, wait, he's real? I was so used to seeing him on my laptop screen, it was strange to see him in real life. 

Per my friend KT's request, I bought another ticket to go to his other book signing event so I could take a picture of them. Silly? Nah, it was probably once in a life time sort of experience. Even if it meant I had to skip watching Shakespeare's Othello with the class lol.

If you are curious about his videos, here's a link to his youtube channel, go have a peek and you might just become a fan!