14 August 2015


For people who want to get closer to the actual stones of Stonehenge, yes you may. There are two special access time when you can do so, early morning and late evening aka outside of normal access hours. You can get special tickets from stonehenge's website (fill out a PDF form and email or submit it to them). The PDF form is a little bit difficult to find, but they're there I promise. 

I decided to do a tour with a touring company instead after calculated the transportation cost and thought about the conveniences of everything.

It was raining hard that day. I wished the weather was better but raining and foggy at stonehenge? Where else can you find a more British experience than this?

With special access you can go inside of the stonehenge and get really close to it. No touching of course! If you're not interested in rocks, then staying far away with normal tickets might be for you. I wasn't that interested in rocks but I just wanted to get close, so special access was worth it for me. 

There were cool things you'd find when you get to be up close with the stones. 

My signature jumping pose.

It was raining so hard I was drenched in rain drops but I had a lot of fun. The only day I thought I wouldn't need an umbrella and it rained. No wonder Britton complains about the weather all the time.

We also visited the Canterbury Cathedral and walked around the town a bit.

Finally check this out. I was apparating to be in the picture but I guess I didn't quite get there in time!