18 August 2015


The Proms aka The Henry Wood Promenade Concerts presented by the BBC is a two months classical music season during the summer. Basically concerts! every night! at the Royal Albert Hall!  

My first encounter with Royal Albert Hall was in 2014, with my London Pass which was a great way to explore London and saved my broke college bank account. I used my pass and had a tour at the RA Hall and while there, Romeo and Juliet was rehearsing on stage. The building itself was so magnificent and magical I promised myself that I would come back and watch a show. And you all know what that means, no one on this world could change my mind once it's set. Therefore some people from my forensic study abroad group and I came back and visited the first night of The Proms.

This year, I was ready before I was ready. 2015 was the first time they decided to add some "club" and DJ element into this classical music scene. I thought it'd be cool to see how they incorporate electronic sounds with instruments at Prom 16: Late Night with BBC Radio 1. It was a later than usual event hence the name late night, with DJ Pete Tong playing some Ibiza with the orchestra playing along. It was a strange experience. There were lots of adults dancing along, and I on the other hand was acting more out of place haha. It definitely was a once in a life time sort of thing. 

And of course as a fan of the BBC Sherlock, there was no way I would miss Prom 41: Sherlock Holmes - A Musical Mind. They played songs from all the films ever existed that were about the greatest private detective. Some from the old, some from the new including the ones with Robert Downey Jr. It ended with an amazing mashup of all the memorable melodies from Sherlock, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. It was quite an impressive night, and FYI Mark Gatiss was there as one of the presenter, so that was cool.