14 July 2015


I am not a huge Ed Sheeran fan, but I enjoy his music. His music reminds me of a one man band, and I like how he makes his music with a looper pedal.

The stadium was very easy to get to by tube. 

I arrived early before the gate opened and it started raining! All of us waited outside were drenched. Luckily I had my fake leather jacket (and because of this rain I found out it was waterproof). 

I was surprised by the size of Wembley, it was probably bigger than Spartan Stadium. 

Now here comes the exciting part. ONE REPUBLIC WAS THERE! WHAT? YES! There were 2 guests: Passenger and One Republic. 

I was beyond excited when I found out they were there. I've always loved One Republic. They were not as well known in the UK though. But who cares, I was that American who knew all the lyrics and sang along! They performed one of my fav, Apologize, seeing the band live was wicked.

Then Ed Sheeran came on stage and everyone went crazy. I forgot to mention, the two ladies on my right were grandmas and they definitely enjoyed every bit of it. It was awesome and hilarious to see them dancing and singing along. The two girls on my left were typical teenagers. And there was this women sitting in the row in front of me, never got excited once. I wonder if she was forced to be there or maybe she chose to act cool.

It was beautiful when everyone had their phones out. I imagined that was what a starry night would look like. It was beautiful.

Oh the crowd after the concert. Everyone was trying to get to the tube, but the local polices and tube staffs were prepared. They had "stop" and "go" sign telling people when to keep walking so the station wouldn't get over crowded. It was efficient and the tube ride wasn't more crowded than rush hour. I was impressed with how good they were at directing the traffic. 

It was such a fun night it made me want to go to more concerts. Side note, apparently someone made a complaint about Ed Sheeran's concert the night before . They thought they were gonna see "the whole band" instead of just him singing with background music. So he had to made a point to everyone that everything was live with a looper pedal. I thought it was hilarious someone thought there would be a band. How could you not know if you were going to his concert? Or maybe Ed was just telling a joke.