14 July 2015



If you're a Benedict Cumberbatch fan, you might've heard of the Enigma Machine. And if you're not, it's the machine secret coded all the German's messages in WWII. Alan Turing created Christopher aka Turing Machine to decode the Enigma code. It helped to shorten the war by at least two years.

One of our assignment was to visit the Imperial War Museum. 

What I didn't expect was a James Bond section aka the Secret Services section. Yeah, they've got some cool MI5 MI6 old spy stuff! It got me really excited.

When I saw the Enigma Machine, I was SCREAMING INSIDE, I have never lingered in a spot at the museum for so long.  I thought all the math and engineering involved were so interesting (I'm a nerd but we all knew that already), I spent hours reading and watching videos about how the machine works. And I nearly had a melt down when I found this gem.

They also had an iPad imitating the machine for you to secret code things, but I've tried that already online when I was researching about it haha. 

As for other exhibitions in the museum, nothing interested me as much as this so I didn't take other pictures :P

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